So an interesting thing happened last Friday morning. I was in the shower while Elise was drying her hair and putting on makeup. Maly casually strolled into the bathroom with a little green spray bottle filled with water. After approximately a minute, the TV turned itself on with the volume full blast. Curious George was the cartoon that was playing at the time, and it sounded like the man in the yellow hat was right there in the shower with me.

After a few seconds, Elise put down the hair drier to see what was going on with the TV.

“Uhhhmmm… there’s water dripping down the entire front side of the TV.”


“I think the TV is broken.”



“Okay. Bring it to me here in the shower and I’ll take a look at it.”


So after my shower I dried off, got dressed and assessed the bedroom TV situation. Sure enough, Maly had taken her little green spray bottle and decided to clean the TV. In doing so, she sent water into the TV by means of the power and channel buttons and got the logic board wet, causing the TV to turn itself on at full volume and shrink the picture to half size, portraying the picture in only black and white. It was actually quite an interesting scene.

While I was pulling the armoire out from the wall, Elise and I, while fighting back laughter, were trying to decide how were going to punish this crime.

“Maly, you broke the TV. This means you can no longer watch TV. Do you understand?”


“This means that when you get up in the morning and come crawl into Mommy and Daddy’s bed, there will be no more Elmo, no more Curious George, no more Super Why!”


“You do realize what this means, RIGHT? No more TV!”

“Sure do.”



And sure enough, tomorrow marks a week and Maly has not watched a single second of TV. And she hasn’t asked to watch TV.

Maly’s old ritual was to get up and come crawl into bed with us and watch PBS. She’s not the slightest bit phased by not doing this any more.

In the meantime, I took the back off of the TV last Friday morning and propped a fan up against its innards. By the time I got home that evening and put the TV back together, it works just like it did before the spray bottle incident!

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