Fun with photos, CD jewel cases and big magnets

I found this tutorial on Photojojo showing how to use CD jewel cases as picture frames and decided to use the idea to spruce up the empty wall in my home office.

My plan was to buy a 48″ x 36″ piece of sheet metal and mount it to the wall and attach the photos using magnets. I couldn’t find the sheet metal that I wanted at the HoPot. I did, however, find some wicked cool 8″ x 34″ magnetic brass kick plates that I flipped, screwed into the wall and attached my CD case frames to with some washers and double-sided heavy-duty adhesive.

It’s a pretty cool addition to the office. I can mix and match photos in whatever order I want and add or remove photos as I please.

Eight Days

I’ve been a father for over a week now. I can’t put into the words the feelings that I’ve experienced in the past eight days.

The day after Maly was born I went home to have dinner with my parents. When I drove back to the hospital that evening I completely lost it in the parking lot. I put the truck in park and cried like I’ve never cried before. It was an awesome and surreal moment. Happy tears fell as the notion of “my daughter” sang in my head over and over.

I have a daughter. She is amazing.

Girl Power

We arrived at the hospital at 11 p.m. last night. Our baby girl was born at 12:49 a.m. this morning. Elise delivered naturally and she and baby did a fantastic job. I couldn’t be prouder of either of them.

Weight: 7 lbs. 10 oz.
Length: 20.5 inches.
Name: We’ll decide on her name tonight.

More photos can be seen here.

Lacquered and stoned immaculate

My parents drove up to visit last weekend so they could spend some time with us before the baby is born.

At some point on Saturday Dad and I found ourselves sitting out on the deck, talking about how cool it is to kill things with guns. The conversation changed abruptly when Dad said, “You should get some of that Thompson’s WaterSeal and treat your deck by spraying that stuff on it with your garden sprayer.”

I let the girls leave work at 2 this afternoon because it’s Good Friday and a Good enough excuse to let the troops get a head start on Easter. I left the office at 3 and hauled home to treat the deck.

I climbed up onto the roof of the deck and treated the top. I climbed down and began treating the underside of the roof with the garden sprayer filled with Thompson’s WaterSeal, also known on the street as TWS or, as I like to refer to it: The Wicked Sheeba. What goes up, must come down. If I had to guess, I’d say I inhaled a good half liquid ounce of aliphatic hydrocarbons and I became, as they say in the chat rooms, high as a mofo. I lost basic motor function. Moving the ladder required the use of all three of my arms and a lot of giggling. I had to look down at my feet while attempting to walk to make sure they would go where I wanted them and that meant I had to take a few steps sideways before moving forward.

Just about the time I had achieved a prophetic concious awareness and a completely waterproofed body I ran out of The Wicked Sheeba. So I did what any other junky would do. I drove to the Home Depot for more solvent. I quickly found another gallon of TWS and rushed to the self check out line so I could hurry home and try to finish the deck before the sun went down.

“Please wait for store associate” read the display after I scanned the gallon tin of TWS. “Is the customer old enough to purchase paints, paint thinners and solvents?” flashed on the screen next. An employee came over and began pulling out his employee badge to scan in at my self check out area. As he approached I looked at him with my Snoop Doggy Dogg eyes and I think I said, “Doooooooood… I’m totally like 21! Scan the man and let me fly away on the highway with angels on my arms and into blueberry sunsets.”

I don’t remember much after that but I found myself back at home with two one gallon varieties of The Wicked Sheeba, five packages of beef round steak, a tulip plant and a bottle of scotch.

My blueberry sunset left me with no daylight in which to finish treating the deck. Assuming the Zombie Eater doesn’t come tonight, I’ll need to finish the deck tomorrow. I think I’ll wear a mask.


When Spring arrives, I host the annual Godfather’s Club Meeting.  Every year I appoint my new Chairman.  The fight among the final two to become Chairman isn’t easy.

I will grow to hate this man

Jessica: Give Joe McDermott a listen.

Josh: I’m going to have a real hard time with things like The Wiggles, Barney and children’s music.

Jessica: You will do fine. Besides, there will be other well educated adults acting just as goofy as you are acting.  Isn’t that why you went to college… to become a responsible parent?

Josh: Yes.  And part of that training also involved yours truly drinking beer directly from the nozzle of a keg while being held upside down.

Signs that you’re about to be a first-time father

  1. You cry, and I mean cry, while listening to “Cats in the cradle”
  2. You haven’t worn a watch in ten years and you buy one because you know you will have to time contractions at any moment
  3. Due to budgetary constraints, instead of the $37.88 Timex Indiglo® that you think is REALLY RAD you opt for the $11.88 Sam Walton design “Bum Equipment” watch. And you have to buy said watch at the exclusive Wal*Mart jewelry kiosk because, God forbid you walk away with precious imported merchandise.
  4. Since you haven’t worn a watch in ten years you create a complex spreadsheet and save it on the middle of your desktop as “Contractometer.xls”
  5. You become worthless at work
  6. You hang on every word out of your mom or dad’s mouth
  7. You think Lactation Consultant would be a cool name for a band

Locked, cocked and ready to rock

I went with Elise to her regularly scheduled OB appointment this morning.  Everything is perfect except for a bit of information that still has me thinking, “Oh shit!”

Elise is 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  Ordinarily my manly instincts would think that 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced are the proper control settings used to launch a torpedo from a submarine.  However, in our situtation 80% effaced means that Elise’s cervix is softening and flattening in preparation for labor.  Once it’s at 100%, well, you can probably guess.

2 cm is the diameter in which the cervix begins to open to allow for birth.  The cervix widens to 10 cm at the time of delivery.  ELISE IS NOT IN LABOR YET.  Her body is just preparing for labor.  The doctor said that if she starts having contractions to “contract away.”

I’m as excited now as I was the first time I heard the baby’s heart beat.  I’m almost as excited as when Britney and Madonna kissed at the MTV Video Music Awards three years ago.  I wasn’t prepared for the information we received this morning.  I didn’t think her cervix would start doing things until much closer to the due date.  My Couvade Syndrome kicked in upon hearing the news and my cervix has been going nuts.  I called the cat from the truck this morning and told him the news.  He said his cervix was doing backflips.  It’s a cervixapalooza.

Cervixes aside, we met the labor and delivery charge nurse at the hospital last night.  We were given a tour of the L&D ward and shown the little circumcision device at Elise’s request.  I don’t know why because we think we’re having a girl.  The nurses were great and we have full confidence in the staff to help Elise through labor.

Tonight we’re going to the hospital to meet the staff pediatricians.  Yesterday we installed the car seat in the truck.

If I can learn to refrain from using vulgarities as every other word in a sentence and keep from kicking members of the family that are shorter than 3-feet tall, we might just have a happy, healthy family.