The shot to tie the game

That’s our child, going for the 8-meter penalty shot to tie the game. Saint Andrew’s is up, 8 to 7.

Maly is one of the two freshman playing on the girls varsity lacrosse team. Coach had her playing attack in tonight’s game. Usually she plays out of the way and only helps to move the ball. Tonight she got the ball and saw a clearing to the goal, so she took it. As she went to shoot, she got checked and drew the penalty.

Her first 8-meter was called back because Saint Andrew’s got off the line too soon. This was her second attempt. The game is 8-7 and there are only 8 seconds left in the game. The last game the varsity team played was this past Tuesday. The girls lost 18-1. The game before that was 19-5. I don’t remember the two games before that, but the margins were similar. This was this season’s closest game.

She didn’t get it. But it doesn’t matter. She had a shot. And she took it. And it was a good shot.

And there’s no way I could be more proud of her.