Monthly Mara Letter: Month two

Dear Mara,

You turned two months old today. It’s so cool to see all the changes that can go on in just a short month. You’re still proving to be a really cool and calm baby. You don’t fuss much beyond the usual needs of a baby, which is usually only when you’re hungry, which is a lot. You eat like a champ.

This month you’ve learned to pacify yourself by sucking your thumb. You’re still itty bitty, and not very coordinated, so in order to suck your thumb you end up punching yourself in the face a few times. But invariably, you’ll find your thumb and nurse yourself to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, in true baby form, you still sleep a lot. I think you’re somewhat settling into a schedule, and your mom has to wake up a couple times during the night to feed you. You’re not sleeping as much as you did last month, which means we get to see your eyes and interact with you more often. And you have these big beautiful blue eyes.

We learned today at your 2-month checkup that you still can’t see much more than a couple feet from your face. One thing that you do like to do is stare at the ceiling fan. I have to admit, I find ceiling fans rather fascinating myself, and often use them as a source of procrastination.

You’re also at that cute age where you’ve started following our voices. You know who your family is, and I think you like us. The best part is that you’ve started smiling. There’s nothing cuter or more heartwarming than seeing your little smile. I’m pretty sure you’re just smiling because you know you’ve got us wrapped around your finger, but I’ll take it.

A blessing in disguise has been your eczema and possible dairy protein allergy. Whenever your mom consumes dairy, your stomach gets upset and your skin starts itching. So we’ve been cutting out the dairy. If your mom can’t eat it, I’m not going to eat it, either. Unfortunately your mom likes cheese and was really craving pizza, so I went on a quest to find non-dairy cheese that melts and is gooey. I found it, and made a vegan pizza that turned out pretty damn good. We won’t go all vegan, but your allergy has made us more cognizant of what we all put into our bodies. And it’s not like we did needed a good excuse to eat healthier, but we got one of out you.

You’ve been awesome, amazing, awe-inspiring and a little bundle of some pretty amazing farts. I always look forward to watching you grow and encounter new things in your world. Keep being you!

I love you, sug!


Normal questions

“Daddy, do blind people like jumping on trampolines?”



“Hell, Sug, I don’t know. Why can’t you ask normal questions?!”