Back in Austin

I finally feel at home now. We have Roadrunner at the new apartment now. A computer seems 80% useless without a pipe sticking out to that www thing.

Work is awesome. Unlike my previous job, I have a ton of stuff to do (versus a ton of meetings to attend). I go in to work every morning know that I have work to start on and have to bust ass all day so I can try to get out of there at a reasonable hour. I really like my new job and the people that I work with.

I ran over to UFCU today and reopened our checking account. I’m really glad we decided to put our money into a credit union. I used to use the Bank of the Northern Hemisphere… actually I banked with Bank of America – same difference (nothing personal Victor). Anyway, Elise and her family used credit unions and when El and I got married, we stuck with UFCU. We get better rates on everything and far better service than any big city/share owner bank. Well, the only ‘thing’ we have is a car loan, but even still…

Money has been tight the past couple weeks. I had to pay rent at two apartments and all kinds of fun deposits for utilities and phones. I’m irritated with the util company in Temple – they just sent me my final bill (that I have to pay), and then they’re going to turn around and return my deposit (which is more than my current bill).

Elise is finally done with Temple. I was done with it two weeks ago. Elise went back yesterday to scrape the blood off the walls and return our keys. Hopefully we’ll get our deposit back on that place as well. I will miss Sherry though. She was the leasing manager and has to be the nicest lady I’ve ever met. When I would go into the office to pay rent or pick up a package, she would make me eat a cookie and tell her how my day was. Sherry told Elise that she used to manage a complex for low income families. She said she would always organize some community event – pool parties, barbecues, etc. etc. Once Sherry took over at the Brooke, she organized a pool party and barbecue for us. She organized trips to local hockey games… all that jazz. Anyway, I don’t know what my point is. I guess I’m trying to convince myself that there are some things about Temple that I’ll miss.

Elise and I lived across from a relatively young couple and their son, Corey. El and I pretty much watched Corey go through his growth spurt. When we first met him, he would say “Hillo!” {high pitch}. Before we moved, he would say “Hellow!” {low pitch}. We made a few friends in Temple. I’ll continue to talk to them via e-mail, so all’s not lost. Elise made real nice-like with some girls she worked with at Sallie Mae. I’m sure they’ll continue to call each other. Other than that, we’re both really happy to be back home.

Oh yeah, Hi Paul Henderson (your roommate told me to say that).

My birthday, Super Bowl

We finally had a nice, calm weekend. When I got home from work on Friday, my stomach started hurting. I attribute that to the leftover chicken that I ate combined with a couple frustrating hours of playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I sat on the couch for a while until my nausea passed.

Elise and I decided to cash in on a free video rental from Hollywood Video. We rented Signs. We both thought it was really good. I was really looking forward to seeing it in the theater but heard that it stunk. I didn’t like any of M Night Shyamalan’s movies, so I figured I wouldn’t like this one either. Anyway, we liked Signs.

I got up early on Saturday and ran errands. I took the Jeep in to get the oil changed. I think the guy we bought the Jeep from didn’t change the oil regularly. I’ve had the oil changed three times now. The lube tech dude showed me how sludgy the oil had become. I had them flush the engine. It was also recommended that I have gear box and differential fluids changed. Didn’t have the cash for that, so that’s another thing we have to get done.

After forking out more money than I had intended, I swung by Half Priced Books to sell some books. After having to wait an hour, I received my $2.00 in cash. Woohoo. Score.

I then went to Goodwill to dump off some stuff we would ordinarily throw away. I got a receipt. We started saving all of our Goodwill and Salvation Army receipts. This year I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of minute tax break we’ll receive for keeping record of our charitable donation.

We went over to Tommy’s later that evening. After many hours of existential conversation, we all fell short in solving any pressing social or government issues. Really we just sat there and made fun of Philip.

Elise and I slept in on Sunday. People called to wish me a happy birthday. I watched a special on Orange County Choppers on the Discovery Channel. We ordered a pizza for lunch and I opened my presents from El.

We went to the Copper Tank with Philip and Rob to watch the Super Bowl. Philip won a Super Bowl party from 101X. He got to invite three friends and was given $50 for food and drinks. We all received non-winning raffle tickets. Philip was entered to win a 52″ TV. Philip claimed he would win it. Needless to say, we didn’t get to help him load a large screen TV into the back of his truck. That would have been nice though.

The game was boring. The company and free beer and buffalo wings were good though.

Elise and I went home after the game. I cranked up Van Halen on the stereo. Eddie Van Halen and I share the same birthday. I always play Van Halen on January 26th.


Two words came to mind after I hung up the phone. Selfish and thankless.

My Dad called me last night. I didn’t think anything of it after I first heard his voice. He said “Hey Josh! What are you up to?” Then he went on to tell me that he had to take my Mom to the hospital on Tuesday. I was cooking spaghetti at the moment and my heart literally dropped. I had always heard that expression, but never really knew what it felt like. My heart dropped because I was anticipating what my Dad was going to say next.

My Mom has been feeling pretty sick for the past couple weeks. The short of it: she had surgery today to have her gallbladder removed. I’m sure I’ve heard of the procedure before, but I’m terrified because it’s happening to my Mom.

My parents came up this past weekend to help Elise and me move. Dad and Elise drove to Temple on Sunday to finish moving some little things. Mom and I stayed in Austin and unpacked. My Mom came into the office and asked me to do something. I was really short with her. I had no reason to be.

When my Dad told me that Mom was in the hospital, before he said that she was having a simple surgery, I thought to myself: “The last time I can remember talking to my Mom, I was an asshole.” I know my Mom will be okay, but made me realize that need to be more appreciative.

Still unpacking, birthday coming up

Life is hectic now. I’m without Roadrunner at home so I seem somewhat cutoff. The cable guy coming tomorrow morning to install cable TV. We get a half price deal for the first two months. The same special applies for Roadrunner, but cannot be combined with cable. So, I’m going to have to wait a day to call and order Roadrunner.

In the meantime, since the move, I’ve accumulated a nice pile of stuff that I’m going to sell on eBay. Speaking of the move… I’ve become reacclimated with my ninja skills, dodging boxes in a very stealth-like manner. Elise has gone back to Temple the past two days to take care of miscellaneous business. We’re managing by unpacking a little at a time.

Work is going well. I’m staying busy. I received an e-mail from Apollo Hosting today. They said they would like for me to come in for an interview. If memory serves me correctly, I think I sent them my resume four months ago.

My birthday is on Sunday. I can remember only one other time when my birthday was on Super Bowl Sunday. It would be really cool if my birthday fell somewhere during the NBA finals.

This birthday doesn’t seem very significant. I’m going to be 27 (I think). Nothing else really happens after to you turn 25 and your insurance premiums decrease (ever so slightly). Speaking of which… I wonder what happened with that speeding ticket I got in Ft. Worth… Hmmmmmm… better check on that. Anyway, I guess I can just say that I’m in my late 20’s.

Moving back to Austin

Don’t want to write too long – it’s after hours at work and I’ve been itching to get home all day.

Elise drove in to Austin on Friday evening to pick me up. We got back to bustling Temple around 8:00 p.m. We stayed up until 3:00 a.m. packing boxes.

Elise and I both woke up at 7:00 so we could finish packing and so I could run some errands. Mom and Dad came up to Temple at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. We loaded up the goose-neck trailer and headed to Austin. We didn’t leave Temple until 3:30 or so.

Needless to say, you find out who your real friends are when it comes time to move! With the extra help we called upon, we saved ourselves a few extra hours of lugging stuff up the three flights of stairs to our new apartment.

We’re officially moved. We’re still kind of living out of boxes, but at least we’re finally back home!

My muscles are still aching. I’m going home now.

New job and back spasms

Life has been pretty rough this week. My back is killing me because I tried sleeping on an air mattress for two days. I deflated the air mattress on Tuesday night. I think I might have slept for an hour. I got up at the sound of my alarm on Wednesday and could barely walk because my back was hurting so bad.

Last night I decided to rectify the situation. I walked to Target and bought two twin sized foam egg crates. I brought them home and put them under the deflated air mattress. That didn’t give me quite the comfort that I was seeking. I put a pair of my jeans under the air mattress. A little better. I put my only bath towel under there as well. Getting better. A couple fleece pullovers. Hmmmm. Two bath mats later, I had a pretty nice cot.

My new job has been keeping me very busy. I really couldn’t ever say that about my last job. I’m happy that I’m busy now. I’m think I’m still a ways from being really productive – right now, I’m in that rookie-who-asks-a-lot-of-questions-phase.

The new apartment is really nice. I have some books, a small television, my PS2, a collection of DVDs, some food, my customized cot, alarm clock and a guitar.

Tonight it is going to freeze. I’ll probably walk to work tomorrow. I (I say I right now because technically Elise is still living in Temple) live 3.2 miles from work.

Tomorrow Elise is coming to pick me up and we’re going back to Temple to pack. My parents are driving to Temple on Saturday to help us move. That’ll be it – we’ll be done with bustling Temple.

I miss Elise.