New job and back spasms

Life has been pretty rough this week. My back is killing me because I tried sleeping on an air mattress for two days. I deflated the air mattress on Tuesday night. I think I might have slept for an hour. I got up at the sound of my alarm on Wednesday and could barely walk because my back was hurting so bad.

Last night I decided to rectify the situation. I walked to Target and bought two twin sized foam egg crates. I brought them home and put them under the deflated air mattress. That didn’t give me quite the comfort that I was seeking. I put a pair of my jeans under the air mattress. A little better. I put my only bath towel under there as well. Getting better. A couple fleece pullovers. Hmmmm. Two bath mats later, I had a pretty nice cot.

My new job has been keeping me very busy. I really couldn’t ever say that about my last job. I’m happy that I’m busy now. I’m think I’m still a ways from being really productive – right now, I’m in that rookie-who-asks-a-lot-of-questions-phase.

The new apartment is really nice. I have some books, a small television, my PS2, a collection of DVDs, some food, my customized cot, alarm clock and a guitar.

Tonight it is going to freeze. I’ll probably walk to work tomorrow. I (I say I right now because technically Elise is still living in Temple) live 3.2 miles from work.

Tomorrow Elise is coming to pick me up and we’re going back to Temple to pack. My parents are driving to Temple on Saturday to help us move. That’ll be it – we’ll be done with bustling Temple.

I miss Elise.

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