The first of many

The other night while Elise was running some errands, I was getting Maly ready for bed and decided to take matters into my own hands and take the nail polish remover after Maly’s toenails. The four-week-old nail polish was all chipped and looked ugly.

“Do you want to put new nail polish on your toes?”

“Yeah! Green nail polish!”

“Sugar, I don’t think we have green nail polish. But we can go get some this weekend.”

Three days later, she held me to it. After playing around the house this morning, I asked Maly if she wanted to go to the store to get nail polish.

“Yeah! We get green nail polish!”

So daddy and daughter and had ourselves a little shopping spree on Saturday morning. She picked out her green nail polish as well as a Cinderella lamp and a bag of jelly beans.

It’s going to be so hard to not give her every last thing that she wants, but I know I have to teach her.

One of those priceless conversations at the dinner table

“Daddy, how’s your work doin’?”

“It’s actually doing really well. I had a really, really good day today.”


“You know, you’re such an little angel. How’s your work doin’ as my little angel?”

“It’s been good.”

Every weekday evening my daughter asks me, “how’s your work doin’?” To which I try to muster some enthusiasm for the sake of a conversation with my child. I guess because I had a good day today, I took that extra moment and thought about what my daughter was asking me. She doesn’t fain concern or inquisitiveness. She really cares. And I took another extra moment to ask her about her job.

She has an awesome job. And she does a damn good job. And she’s severely underpaid.

It’s time to potty

We’ve been slowly tinkering with idea of potty training Maly. A month ago Elise bought her a set of princess panties and today is her first day wearing a pair. The girls are at church right now and I’m curious to see if Maly made it through mass without having an accident. She already had an accident in one pair this morning.

Maly loves the praise and attention we give her whenever she uses her little training potty. It’s got to be frustrating when one is accustomed to just going whenever and wherever, and then expected to react to that biological urge and make it to the toilet in time to tend to business.

I wonder what sort of impact would be had if the civilized world reverted…

“So, Mr. Janicek, your company has made significant improvements in the world of bacon injection technologies. Can you explain these improvements to the board?”

“Hang on there, rrrrrrrrmmph, Bob. Workin’ on a job here. Could you slide that copy of US Weekly across the, mmmm uhh, table. This’ll only take a minute or two. Anyone got a match?”

First photo scavenger hunt

Four of us took an extended lunch today, went on a photo scavenger hunt and had a blast. Michele and I came up with ~30 words yesterday, narrowed the list down to 10 and off we went today on our first monthly scavenger hunt.

The word were: