The first of many

The other night while Elise was running some errands, I was getting Maly ready for bed and decided to take matters into my own hands and take the nail polish remover after Maly’s toenails. The four-week-old nail polish was all chipped and looked ugly.

“Do you want to put new nail polish on your toes?”

“Yeah! Green nail polish!”

“Sugar, I don’t think we have green nail polish. But we can go get some this weekend.”

Three days later, she held me to it. After playing around the house this morning, I asked Maly if she wanted to go to the store to get nail polish.

“Yeah! We get green nail polish!”

So daddy and daughter and had ourselves a little shopping spree on Saturday morning. She picked out her green nail polish as well as a Cinderella lamp and a bag of jelly beans.

It’s going to be so hard to not give her every last thing that she wants, but I know I have to teach her.

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