Flavor and texture

For dinner tonight we had leftover ribs, pinto beans and potato salad that I made on Sunday. Maly was kicking around the beans with her fork and she pushed aside a little piece of bacon…

“I don’t want to eat that.”

“That’s the best part! That’s bacon!”

“Why is there bacon in the beans?”

“Because it adds flavor and texture.”


Elise chimed in:

“Maly, do you know what “texture” is?


“What is “texture””?

Mise en place!!!”

Totally wrong answer, but still worthy of an immediate high-five from yours truly for her making the culinary association.

A great day in May in Austin

The weekend started early Friday evening with Jeff and Tejashri at The Clay Pit for dinner. The food was fantastic and hanging out with the parents-to-be is always fun. After dinner (almost 10 p.m.) we headed back south to pick Maly up from the Cain’s. It was a late night for us all.

We all got up early this morning. After breakfast Elise hit Kohl’s for an early bird sale. Maly and I headed to the HoPot for a(nother!) galvanized trash can for composting, water softener salt and a piece of trim so we can start marking Maly’s height (and take said piece of trim with us should we ever move). After a record setting quick trip to the HoPot, Maly and I went to Borders and then to Half Price Books where we finally found the book “Love You Forever” for Maly to give to Elise for Mother’s Day. I learned of this book at Maly’s school’s “Muffins for Mom” breakfast that was held this past Thursday. I volunteered to help that morning and witnessed all of the sniffles and falling tears as one of the teachers read “Love You Forever” to the classes and all of the moms.

Muffins for Mom

So we finally found the book at Half Price Books. I told Maly that it was going to be a surprise for her mom. When Elise got back from shopping, Maly quickly ran to the closet, grabbed the book and came running out of her room, “MOMMY!!! WE GOT YOU A BOOK!!!”

It might have been a day early, but I got brownie points for engaging my, ahem, “sensitive side”. Before Thursday, I was thinking a new leaf blower would make for a pretty awesome Mother’s Day present.

So, after procuring the book, Maly and I headed over to Kohl’s to pick Elise up. We then headed over to the (512) Brewing Company to meet Jason and Matthew for a tour of the brewery.

It was Elise, Maly (3) and me; and Jason and Matthew (2) and Nate of (512). He gave us a full, intimate tour of the little brewery in south Austin and samples of all 5 drafts on tap. Ever since having (512)’s Wit lager at Segovia a couple weeks ago, Elise and I are true fans of the little brewery. And after meeting with Nate and spending the better part of the afternoon with, and imbibing in his, in my opinion, mastered craft, we’re die-hard fans.

(512) Brewing Company!

I had a lot of technical questions about the entire brewing process and most of Nate’s answers went straight over my head. One of my most pressing questions was, “when are you guys going to start bottling?” (they currently only sell kegs to bars, restaurants and a select few retailers in Austin). He said that it would definitely happen at some point.

After the brewery tour, we were toasty and hungry. The five of us headed over to Might Fine Burgers for some might fine burgers!

Then after lunch, Jason and Matthew headed home, Maly and I dropped Elise off at Kohl’s to finish the second leg of her shopping marathon, then Maly and I ran a couple errands. We finally got home in time for Maly to take a nap. She was apparently exhausted because she slept until 6 p.m. When she finally woke up, we loaded up and headed over to Kiker Elementary where we voted in the Austin mayoral election. Since we were at the school, we kicked it on the playground for a while.

We voted for mayor today

Today was a great day, just hanging out with my girls and keeping Austin weird.

The bust of Mom

[flv width=”400″ height=”300″]http://www.maly.tv/video/20090429_DrawingMommy.flv[/flv]