Monthly Mara Letter: Month 13

Dear Mara,

You turned 13-months-old today. You’re crowning achievement for this month has been that you have identified that all living and inanimate objects communicate by saying “moo.”

“Mara, what does the cow say?”


“What does Daddy say?”




You have six teeth now. You put everything in your mouth. Your mom went to change your diaper last week and since you had a mouth full of something, she decided to investigate. You were storing a rock, an acorn and a roly poly. Everything goes in the mouth. Dirt, sticks, rocks, things of unknown origin and natural value, etc.

IMG_1019You walk fine now. In fact, you can walk at a fairly brisk pace now, especially if you’re after something that you’re going to stick in your mouth. You still walk with your elbows out at right angles from your body. I think this is still you just getting used to your balance.

You can now blow kisses. This is very exciting, especially after you call one of us a cow by saying, “moo.”

You love shoes. I think you’re the only person in this family who can love shoes as much as shoes can possibly be loved. The concept of walking is great in and of itself, but adding shoes to this experience only magnifies the greatness that is shoes.

I’d say the absolute greatest thing that you’ve managed to do this month is give hugs. You give the most awesome, deliberate and meaningful hugs. It’s so heartwarming and amazing to be a witness to uninhibited and genuine love. Please don’t ever lose touch with that part of yourself.

I love you, Sug.



Photos of important things

Little red wagon full of red heads.

My vineyard. It has taken three years to produce fruit. I’ve since forgotten what variety of grape I have here. I’m sure it will be grapey.

She is very cute. And she is walking quite well these days. I like to take her outside often. She is very fair-skinned, so we have to be mindful of her exposure to the sun.

Somewhat-soft scrambled egg, Monterrey jack cheese, lean Elgin beef sausage, avocado, cilantro, pickled red onion and my interpretation of Chuy’s creamy jalapeno ranch.