It’s time to potty

We’ve been slowly tinkering with idea of potty training Maly. A month ago Elise bought her a set of princess panties and today is her first day wearing a pair. The girls are at church right now and I’m curious to see if Maly made it through mass without having an accident. She already had an accident in one pair this morning.

Maly loves the praise and attention we give her whenever she uses her little training potty. It’s got to be frustrating when one is accustomed to just going whenever and wherever, and then expected to react to that biological urge and make it to the toilet in time to tend to business.

I wonder what sort of impact would be had if the civilized world reverted…

“So, Mr. Janicek, your company has made significant improvements in the world of bacon injection technologies. Can you explain these improvements to the board?”

“Hang on there, rrrrrrrrmmph, Bob. Workin’ on a job here. Could you slide that copy of US Weekly across the, mmmm uhh, table. This’ll only take a minute or two. Anyone got a match?”

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  1. Hi Josh,

    Potty Training book saved my Sanity!!
    Men’s Health Magazine (Sept. issue) recommends Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day: Proven Secrets of the Potty Pro by Teri Crane. My husband picked us up a copy after reading the article. IT REALLY WORKS!!

    Everyone is talking about throwing a “potty party” to potty train a child. I was so desperate; I was willing to do anything. Her book outlines 10 themed parties. What kid doesn’t love to play and pretend? All my mommy friends have successfully potty trained their kids with her book too.

    Honestly, when I first learned of this book, I thought NO WAY! Maybe this would work on a little girl, but NOT a BOSSY, 2-1/2 year old BOY. NO WAY! Guess what? It REALLY WORKED!!! Teri Crane SAVED MY SANITY!!! Her book was easy to read, funny and extremely helpful. I can’t thank Teri enough. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to EVERY parent. It will save you much grief and frustration. Potty training shouldn’t be difficult, we as parents make it difficult because we don’t know what to do. Teri teaches you. Buy the book, it’s the best money you will ever spend

    Most amazingly, I had some questions, so I called the author, and she CALLED ME BACK!!

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