Back in Austin

I finally feel at home now. We have Roadrunner at the new apartment now. A computer seems 80% useless without a pipe sticking out to that www thing.

Work is awesome. Unlike my previous job, I have a ton of stuff to do (versus a ton of meetings to attend). I go in to work every morning know that I have work to start on and have to bust ass all day so I can try to get out of there at a reasonable hour. I really like my new job and the people that I work with.

I ran over to UFCU today and reopened our checking account. I’m really glad we decided to put our money into a credit union. I used to use the Bank of the Northern Hemisphere… actually I banked with Bank of America – same difference (nothing personal Victor). Anyway, Elise and her family used credit unions and when El and I got married, we stuck with UFCU. We get better rates on everything and far better service than any big city/share owner bank. Well, the only ‘thing’ we have is a car loan, but even still…

Money has been tight the past couple weeks. I had to pay rent at two apartments and all kinds of fun deposits for utilities and phones. I’m irritated with the util company in Temple – they just sent me my final bill (that I have to pay), and then they’re going to turn around and return my deposit (which is more than my current bill).

Elise is finally done with Temple. I was done with it two weeks ago. Elise went back yesterday to scrape the blood off the walls and return our keys. Hopefully we’ll get our deposit back on that place as well. I will miss Sherry though. She was the leasing manager and has to be the nicest lady I’ve ever met. When I would go into the office to pay rent or pick up a package, she would make me eat a cookie and tell her how my day was. Sherry told Elise that she used to manage a complex for low income families. She said she would always organize some community event – pool parties, barbecues, etc. etc. Once Sherry took over at the Brooke, she organized a pool party and barbecue for us. She organized trips to local hockey games… all that jazz. Anyway, I don’t know what my point is. I guess I’m trying to convince myself that there are some things about Temple that I’ll miss.

Elise and I lived across from a relatively young couple and their son, Corey. El and I pretty much watched Corey go through his growth spurt. When we first met him, he would say “Hillo!” {high pitch}. Before we moved, he would say “Hellow!” {low pitch}. We made a few friends in Temple. I’ll continue to talk to them via e-mail, so all’s not lost. Elise made real nice-like with some girls she worked with at Sallie Mae. I’m sure they’ll continue to call each other. Other than that, we’re both really happy to be back home.

Oh yeah, Hi Paul Henderson (your roommate told me to say that).

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