My birthday, Super Bowl

We finally had a nice, calm weekend. When I got home from work on Friday, my stomach started hurting. I attribute that to the leftover chicken that I ate combined with a couple frustrating hours of playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I sat on the couch for a while until my nausea passed.

Elise and I decided to cash in on a free video rental from Hollywood Video. We rented Signs. We both thought it was really good. I was really looking forward to seeing it in the theater but heard that it stunk. I didn’t like any of M Night Shyamalan’s movies, so I figured I wouldn’t like this one either. Anyway, we liked Signs.

I got up early on Saturday and ran errands. I took the Jeep in to get the oil changed. I think the guy we bought the Jeep from didn’t change the oil regularly. I’ve had the oil changed three times now. The lube tech dude showed me how sludgy the oil had become. I had them flush the engine. It was also recommended that I have gear box and differential fluids changed. Didn’t have the cash for that, so that’s another thing we have to get done.

After forking out more money than I had intended, I swung by Half Priced Books to sell some books. After having to wait an hour, I received my $2.00 in cash. Woohoo. Score.

I then went to Goodwill to dump off some stuff we would ordinarily throw away. I got a receipt. We started saving all of our Goodwill and Salvation Army receipts. This year I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of minute tax break we’ll receive for keeping record of our charitable donation.

We went over to Tommy’s later that evening. After many hours of existential conversation, we all fell short in solving any pressing social or government issues. Really we just sat there and made fun of Philip.

Elise and I slept in on Sunday. People called to wish me a happy birthday. I watched a special on Orange County Choppers on the Discovery Channel. We ordered a pizza for lunch and I opened my presents from El.

We went to the Copper Tank with Philip and Rob to watch the Super Bowl. Philip won a Super Bowl party from 101X. He got to invite three friends and was given $50 for food and drinks. We all received non-winning raffle tickets. Philip was entered to win a 52″ TV. Philip claimed he would win it. Needless to say, we didn’t get to help him load a large screen TV into the back of his truck. That would have been nice though.

The game was boring. The company and free beer and buffalo wings were good though.

Elise and I went home after the game. I cranked up Van Halen on the stereo. Eddie Van Halen and I share the same birthday. I always play Van Halen on January 26th.

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