Still unpacking, birthday coming up

Life is hectic now. I’m without Roadrunner at home so I seem somewhat cutoff. The cable guy coming tomorrow morning to install cable TV. We get a half price deal for the first two months. The same special applies for Roadrunner, but cannot be combined with cable. So, I’m going to have to wait a day to call and order Roadrunner.

In the meantime, since the move, I’ve accumulated a nice pile of stuff that I’m going to sell on eBay. Speaking of the move… I’ve become reacclimated with my ninja skills, dodging boxes in a very stealth-like manner. Elise has gone back to Temple the past two days to take care of miscellaneous business. We’re managing by unpacking a little at a time.

Work is going well. I’m staying busy. I received an e-mail from Apollo Hosting today. They said they would like for me to come in for an interview. If memory serves me correctly, I think I sent them my resume four months ago.

My birthday is on Sunday. I can remember only one other time when my birthday was on Super Bowl Sunday. It would be really cool if my birthday fell somewhere during the NBA finals.

This birthday doesn’t seem very significant. I’m going to be 27 (I think). Nothing else really happens after to you turn 25 and your insurance premiums decrease (ever so slightly). Speaking of which… I wonder what happened with that speeding ticket I got in Ft. Worth… Hmmmmmm… better check on that. Anyway, I guess I can just say that I’m in my late 20’s.

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