Tupac beach towels

Travis, Michele, Taylor and I went to BD Riley’s for lunch this afternoon. Somehow, Taylor’s penchant for Jesus candles was rolled into the conversation…

Travis: “You mean like the Pancho Villa candles you can get at Fiesta?”

Taylor: “Yeah!”

(Note: Fiesta is a Houston-based grocery store that I remember as a kid as being the place where you would go to buy fancy/international items. It has since changed to be a lot more like flea market. At least the Austin location has.)

Josh: “I remember shortly after moving to Austin, I would drive all the way to the Fiesta on 35 to get lobsters”

Taylor: “Yeah, they had an awesome selection of fish”

Travis: “And Tupac beach towels!”

My retelling of the story doesn’t do it justice. You just had to have been there. I almost spit out my corned beef sandwich across the table because I was laughing so hard.

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