Daddy and Daughter dance

This past weekend consisted of a lot of eating out. On Saturday we got a late start and didn’t get out of the house until lunch time. We decided to try the new Mighty Fine Burgers in Sunset Valley. And they were might fine burgers (of course, that would be expected from the same folks who brought us Rudy’s BBQ).

The highlight of the weekend, however, was the Father & Daughter dance Saturday night. My good friend, Matt invited Maly and me to the dance at his church. I was looking forward to my date with Maly all week. After we got home from running errands on Saturday afternoon, Elise gave Maly a bath, got her dressed in her pretty dress and did her hair. I put on some slacks and played Guitar Hero.

6 p.m. rolled around and Matt and Ryan showed up with their daughters, Susan Margaret and Emma. And off we went for a pre-dance dinner date at Flores. Maly was a spaz throughout dinner because she was excited to be with her friends. We all scarfed dinner, then loaded the kids up in our respective vehicles and drove over to the church around 7:15.

I was excited because I know Maly loves to dance. I think she was a little disappointed because it wasn’t the same kind of dance as Jeff & Heather’s wedding where she could dance with a bunch of girls. Maly and I did “dance”, which was more like holding hands and she flailed around and threw her feet out from underneath herself. And of course the chicken dance made for mild amusement.

I think Maly was just really tired and overstimulated by the lights, loud music and people. We collectively decided that the night was over at 8:30 and left the dance. Maly and I chatted on the short ride back home.

It wasn’t really the night that I had expected, but then again, I really didn’t know what to expect. I think it may have been a little early for a Daddy/Daughter dance with a 2.5-year-old. But I’m glad I did it. And I will dutifully do it as many times as she wants me to.

Photos can be seen here.

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  1. What a cute little princess! And, the dude in the black slacks and coat with the shades isn’t too bad either.

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