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Drop Dead Sexy

We just got back from seeing the second screening of “Drop Dead Sexy” at the Paramount. As it does every March, SXSW has taken over the city. We drove by the Paramount three times while looking for a place to park. There was a huge line outside the theatre and we both thought there was no way we could get in without a badge. Elise dropped me off so I could stand in line while she looked for a spot to park. As I was walking toward the end of the line I heard “Josh!”. It was our friend Greg. He was already waiting in line and allowed for me to have a better spot in line.

Elise caught up shortly after.

“Drop Dead Sexy” is a very funny movie. It’s a dark comedy about two friends, Eddie (Crispin Glover), a “subterranean architect” and Frank (Jason Lee), a recently-fired used car lot mascot who are commission by Spider to smuggle cigarettes into Mexico by means of a pickup truck.

Needless to say, the plan doesn’t quite work out and Eddie and Frank owe a large amount of money to Spider. The duo exhume the body of Crystal, a recently buried ex-stripper who was also the wife of Harkness, a wealthy bigwig in the local trucking business. Eddie remembered seeing a “beautiful” diamond necklace on the neck of the deceased at the wake. Eddie was also the one who buried the body.

Drop Dead Sexy

The two dig the body from her grave only to find no necklace. They decide to keep the body for ransom and get their money from Harkness to pay off Spider. Hilarity ensues and Eddie begins to have feelings for the corpse. It’s a twisted and hilarious film. Oh yeah, and then there’s the Coors Light twins who also make a couple appearances.

I can’t remember the last time I laughed outloud while watching a movie. Crispin Glover is a riot – he’s such a unique actor.

So… we stayed to watch the credits roll after the movie had ended. Half the audience left. Elise and I sat patiently in our seats and sure enough…

Elise Janicek is in the credits. It actually went something like this:

“Special thanks to Clay “Thunder” McPhail, Elise Janicek, Rob Olvera and El Arroyo”.

It’s really cool to see your wife’s name in movie credits. Now I’m going to have to focus my efforts on convincing Elise that it’s not necessary for her to wear sunglasses everywhere she goes.

15 seconds of fame so far. 14 minutes and 45 seconds to go…

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