Too many peanuts

I can’t help but laugh at this error in communication. Yesterday I asked Jenny to order packing peanuts. We also needed to order bubble wrap but I waited on Sue to determine how many rolls I needed to buy. Sue and Jenny were going to coordinate our purchase order with our vendor. I left the office and forgot to ask if and what they ordered.

This afternoon Lacee asked if bubble wrap and packing peanuts had been ordered. I didn’t know. I wasn’t made aware if Sue and Jenny had coordinated their order. I had Lacee place the order with our vendor.

We accidentally double ordered. Our vendor is so great that if you place an order before 6 p.m., you’ll receive your order the next day.

I have close to 700 cubic feet of biodegradable starch packing peanuts and 4500 feet (that’s 700 feet short of a mile) of 48″ wide bubble wrap in the warehouse.

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