People with Hartz

I own and operate I’ve been doing so for almost three years. Once a week I get someone who sends me an email:

I recently put hartz flea drops on my two cats. Within minutes of doing so they were having seizures and eyes rolled back in the head and walking around like they were drunk. They couldn’t even stand up by themselves. I called the vet right away who told me to wash it off immediately. My cats are my babies and would have been distrot had something happened to them. I have been told never to use your products again and my vet said that this is not an uncommon thing. I think that if you have any respect for animals you will take these products off the shelves immediately. I am very regretful that I bought your products and will never do it again!

It’s getting so hard for me to bite my lip and respectfully respond. I understand that people are upset and looking for a punching bag… uggghhhh. It’s frustrating. It’s frustrating because 1) Hartz is an evil corporation and 2) I’m not the punching bag they’re looking for.

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