Good Charlotte concert

Elise and I went to the Good Charlotte concert last night. So did a lot of parents. I had no clue GC was a pop boy band. Little girls were running rampant in the Austin Music Hall. By boy band I don’t mean N’Sync – Good Charlotte is more punk/rock but have a large pre-teen/teen fan base. Regardless, it was still a good show. Except when the 12 year old girl came running by, flailing her arms about in a GC crush frenzy and knocked the beer out of my hand.

It was a good show. I enjoyed it as did Elise. She didn’t want to go but did only to support her 14 year old girl-of-a-husband. In the end, she said she really liked the concert and had acquired a respect for Good Charlotte as a band.

Funny thing about concerts – you can’t go to a concert and not spend over $100. I think the 2 tickets I purchased last month were somewhere around $70. I drafted $40 from the bank before the show and have $2 left this morning. I kept having to replace spilled beers due to small flailing females.

All-in-all, good show. We had a lot of fun. Being there made us feel old – but at least we’re still hip. Do cool people say ‘hip’ anymore? Is ‘cool’ even a word anymore? Hang on, I think I have some notes on what’s rad and what’s sad in my Trapper Keeper.

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