Meeting not bad and a purple toe

My meeting this morning wasn’t bad at all. I slept like crap last night though. My boss is straight-to-the-point: “We’ll get it fixed. Now go fix it.” ;-)

In other biological news: On Tuesday, Clyde and I had our regular two sessions of sparring. We decided it would be to our benefit if we practiced sparring with our right foots forward as we both favor our left legs for fast kicks. With both of us using our right legs up front, we’d have to get used to using them.

I, still favoring my left leg, used said left leg for power kicks. I kicked Clyde somewhere in the mid section and immediately felt a sharp pain in my left big toe. I babied my left foot for the rest of the night.

I missed TKD on Thursday because my toe hurt. Today, after half of my foot reached a nice purplish-black, decided that I broke my toe. It’s pretty gross looking. I’d take a picture, but I gave my camera to John so he can take pictures when the baby’s born.

I’m walking out the door now – I have to pick up Elise from work then we’re going to see Good Charlotte at the Music Hall.

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