Elise is a manager who happens to work late nights and weekends. This provides her with the opportunity to sleep in on weekdays every so often. She has taken a liking to the hit television show Dawson’s Creek. I slept in earlier this week because I was up until 3 a.m. trying to patch the leak in our attic. I woke up that morning to Elise watching Dawson’s Creek.

I had the iBook in bed with me so I could catch up on some work since it would be a couple hours before I would be in the office. Elise said she wanted me to download the Dawson’s Creek theme song, “I Don’t Want to Wait”, by Paula Cole. I didn’t download it for her.

This morning I was shopping music on iTunes. Elise walked into the living room, made breakfast, sat down and said “What happened to my Paula Cole song?”

I heard: “What happened to my pile of cole slaw?”

I wondered, for a moment, why my wife would be wanting cole slaw for breakfast but just wrote her off as being weird.

We have an interesting way of communicating.

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