Huaraches and stocks

Harold and I watched Bad Boys II last night at the theatre. Funny, action packed and long. Usually I can wait for a movie to end before I need to use the restroom, but this time I had to go. Don’t you hate (and I promise this isn’t going to turn into your one-stop website for daily restroom adventures) it when you’ve been sitting in a movie theatre chair and you have to get up to use the can? The lights are low, your butt muscles are asleep and while you’re staggering towards the aisle, you kick empty boxes of Raisinettes and other peoples’ feet.

On the way to the movie theatre, Harold told me all I need to know about huaraches. I spouted off about how back in my day, we didn’t have shoes. Then something about the stock market. Harold pointed out that the Texas Lottery was up to $47 million. He asked what I would do with $47 million. I told him that after taxes were taken out and I received my check for $8, I would invest it or buy a few chicken burritos.

But seriously, I told him that I would buy a decent, manageable house, give my parents and in-laws a lot and probably a new motorcycle. So I’d have many millions left to invest in the stock market. I then had to explain to Harold what stocks were. He asked if he could buy stock in the mall. It’s fun explaining something to someone for the first time. I told him that in order to purchase shares in a company, you have to be able to throw a football with your left hand without looking like you’re the offspring of related parents.

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