Network Solutions and Rosie Perez

If you really hate me and want to do something about it, I have a suggestion: put me in a room with Rosie Perez and a customer service representative from Network Solutions.

“I’ll escalate this to our engineering department”. That’s what I hear every time I call Network Solution’s V.I.P. customer support hotline. We have 200+ client websites that are registered through Network Solutions. We utilize their web forwarding feature. I just so happened to notice that their web forwarding feature stopped working today. That means that 200+ of our clients are without websites. Want to know how long before this is fixed? “three to five business days”. But knowing that they have escalated this to their engineering department makes me feel so much better.

I don’t really like talking about work. I really don’t like Network Solutions either. Rosie Perez makes me want to chew on tin foil.

Sorry. Carry on now.

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