Wednesday – yeah, Wednesday

Nothing new today. I received Medal of Honor: Frontline in the mail this afternoon. I’ll either buy Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 or Twisted Metal Black with the PS2.

I was pretty busy at work today so the day just flew by. Came home to my slow graphics processing computer. Luckily I got an email this evening that said my 64mb card will be in the mail tomorrow. If I get the PS2 tomorrow, I’m sure that’ll hold me off for a few days until the graphics card arrives.

Elise is making dinner tonight. She’s been working some mad overtime – making up hours for her half day on Friday (leaving for Minneapolis) and making up for the haircut she got last week. Anyway – so she’s making dinner – we both need to start eating from Elise’s cookbook. My cookbook isn’t as healthy.

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