Late lunch, paying bike bill online

Wow – that was cool. I just paid a bill online. Actually, I made my first monthly bike payment to the credit union. See, I borrowed against my own cash so that basically became a new ‘account’. This account now shows up on my online statement and I can transfer money to that account.

I went to the bank during my lunch break to make sure I could pay that way. Unfortunately, the customer care representative (really small bank). was busy processing a loan for some guy trying to get a mobile home. I didn’t feel like waiting around for that. So, I just tried paying my bill online – it worked. I think next week I’ll just go to the bank and have them automatically deduct the money from my checking account and put it into the loan account on the first of each month.

I’ve thought about paying all of our bills online, but that would cost us more than what it’s worth. We don’t have that many bills, so paying x amount of dollars per month for the service would be more than the price of stamps. “But you could have your bills paid automatically”…. I get my bill in the mail, I sit down at my desk, write the check, lick the envelope, walk back to the mailbox – all automatically.

In other news… I didn’t get to eat lunch until 2:45 today. I got to work, started working [duh], had an hour phone call with a salesman about a service we’re going to start using, turned around in my chair to find my boss standing there. I had an impromptu meeting with her, came back to my desk to find an email saying that I needed to be in conference call at 1:00. Went to said meeting in the main building and had to come back to our building for our standard Thursday, 2:00 meeting. The funny part was watching myself in the last meeting lean back and forth in my chair to make it squeak and muffle the sound of my stomach growling. Another day whizzed by. Guess that’s good.

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