Another video card, crop circles, Canadians

My 32mb ATI AIW128 graphics, TV and video card sold for $152.50! It was at $96 for most of the day and I was happy with that. In the last 30 seconds, there must have been some hawk eye bidding. $152.50 is well over what I was expecting.

So, having received that extra money, I decided to buy another graphics card. I don’t like the PNY Verto 32mb PCI card that I bought last Thursday. My review of this card: Bad. I never really thought that a graphics card could make your computer seem sluggish. Obviously it can. Websites with any graphics load slow, working in Photoshop is like painting with my toes, scrolling through pages is choppy and trying to type is a joke. I’m going to take it back to Circuit City this weekend.

Anyway, I bought a Chaintech 64mb NVIDIA GeForce2 MX400 PCI graphics card last night on eBay for $59.95. I’m sure my computer feels like a brothel right about now – four graphics cards in two weeks.

In other news: I talked to both Moms last night. Joanne called early in the evening. She told me about a recent interview she had with someone from BLT Research regarding crop circles. I think she’s pretty versed in how crop circles are allegedly created. A plasma (think lightening) vortex is sent to earth to create the intricate patterns. She also told me how pure lead has been found in and around crop circles and that (I think) makes for more fertile adult crops.

I called my Mom around 9 p.m., just before I won the GeForce2 card. I was calling to ask what kind of 64mb card she had. We had a nice long chat. I was instructed to purchase any pharmaceuticals from Canada. We don’t really take medicines other than vitamins, but it looks like the Canadians have good deals on drugs.

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