Finger Hair

I just noticed that I have really hairy fingers. Well, I didn’t really just notice, but my attention was brought to it because I singed the hair on the fourth middle phalanx on my right hand when I was cooking fajitas yesterday. It looks quite funny. It looks as if I’m trying to perpetrate a phalange comb-over. Most of the hair on this segment of my finger is almost completely gone, but there are still long (almost an inch) hairs on the side that escaped the flames.

What do we need finger hair for anyway? I don’t think it keeps me any warmer during the winter months. Maybe I should conduct a test. This February, when it gets really cold, I’ll shave my fingers and see if I get any colder than I have in the past. I would need a constant though. I know, I’ll shave the finger hair on my left hand and leave the finger hair on my right. If the fingers on my left hand do, in fact, become more subject to frigid air, I will need to wear a red glove and conclude that finger hair does keep the phalanges insulated.

While deep in this research, I think I will simultaneously conduct my ‘Is it Necessary to Dress Up for my Job’ experiment. I will ride to work with my boxer shorts on the outside of my pants while wearing only one red glove to protect the hairless fingers on my left hand. I’m sure the residents of bustling Temple will find my appearance at traffic lights amusing as I’m prone to singing to myself (motorcycle = no radio). From the comfort of the observers’ vehicle they will find me with my boxer shorts and pants interchanged, a red glove on my left hand and bobbing my head as I sing quietly to myself.

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