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Maly and I were just kind of hanging out late this afternoon. First we played in her little pool and with water balloons out on the deck. After we were done, she wanted to go inside the house. While I tidied up the back yard, she sat on the couch and announced that she wanted to watch a movie.

“Daddy, I want to watch a movie!”



“Only if you do some jumping jacks.”





“Okay, how many jumping jacks do I have to do?”

“How ’bout 50”

“How ’bout ONE HUNDRED?!”


They weren’t pretty, but she jumped up and down and clapped her hands above her head well over 100 times. She was ready to stop at my 30 count, but she persisted and did her jumping jacks. Then I talked her into doing some push ups.

It wasn’t intentional, but from now on, whenever she wants to watch a movie on my clock, she has to work for it.

And next time, I’ll be right there with her doing push ups, jumping jacks, sprints, or whatever we come up with.

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  1. Oh Josh, this is priceless. I put it up at maybethinking.
    -I disagree with John. If you’d added sit ups you would be a slave driver.

  2. I’m impressed with her stamina. That’s one way to keep your daughter from becoming a couch potato. I also imagine she’ll learn that 50 is less than 100 in no time. Also, I agree that you should join her — set a good example, and next time maybe she’ll be taking video of you!

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