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I happened upon this Lifehacker article on a minimal workspace and it struck a chord with me. I don’t know if it’s come about with maturity or just a general change in perspective and/or personality, but I seem to have started adopting a concept of minimalism. I’ll admit that I’m not the cleanest person, but I’d consider myself tidy and comfortable knowing that everything has its place. Within the past year, I’ve been diligent about removing tangible “clutter.” I’ll sell my things that I not longer use or need on craigslist. If whatever it is won’t sell, I’ll either give it to someone I know who wants it, donate it, or just simply throw it out.

As I type this, I have no mental inventory of anything that needs to be “dealt with.” For me, it’s comforting to be able to walk through the house, garage or yard without seeing something and thinking to myself, “oh, I need to do something with that.” This is not true for the attic – given that it’s August in Texas, I’m not about to go into the attic to see if there’s any of my stuff that needs to be purged.

For the past 4 months, I’ve been spending normal “work hours” at the desk in our home office; and I like to have my workspace tidy. And since I have too much time on my hands, I took a picture of my desk:

  1. Jade pup plant – because I’ve taken a need for slow explosions of beauty
  2. The Canon HV20 high definition camcorder that I’m selling on craigslist for $500
  3. A stack of legal paperwork, the homeowner’s association newsletter, notebook, receipt with notes on it
  4. The best computer I’ve ever had – 15″ MacBook Pro
  5. iCurve laptop stand
  6. iPhone 3GS (I use it exclusively for my phone — Elise insists that we have a landline for the house, so we have Ooma, which is free VoIP after purchasing the Ooma Hub)
  7. iPhone earbuds and USB cable
  8. Apple wireless keyboard
  9. Coffee before 9:30. Water the rest of the day
  10. I am a mouse snob. I think the Logitech MX Revolution is the most precise and comfortable wireless mouse ever made.
  11. Notice no cords on the floor? I ran a flat extension cord under the carpet (required a 2″ cut in the carpet) and below the baseboards. There is a surge protector mounted under the desk.

I like my workspace. I like the absence of clutter even better.

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  1. Every thing in it’s place is my motto too. I know where to find almost everything in my house. Did you pick up this trait while watching your Mom and Dad while growing up because I didn’t see your neatness while living at home in all those years?

  2. My gosh, even your Mom is funny???? I can’t get off this website and seem to be spending a beautiful sunny day (a rarity this month) in my bedroom reading your blogs because,,,, I just did the same with my house and garden (1/2 acre)… (after years of collecting all those things I thought I really needed)…cleared almost everything out and now get up everyday and feel free and relieved that I am not a hoarder after all… and now have more time to waste it seems and my goodness enjoying time reading your blogs on the computer.

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