I can’t imagine not having a daughter

Elise has been in Marble Falls today, shooting a wedding with Marc. Maly and I had the majority of the day all to ourselves and we had a great time. After she woke up from her nap, I changed wicked gag-inducing diaper. Once the new diaper was on, Maly looked up and me and said, “bye bye?”

To which I giggled and said, “Yes, we can go bye bye. We need to go bye bye to Best Buy to return a wireless adapter.”

She responded with, “Oosh?” Which means “shoes” in the Malyway. If we go bye bye, she knows she has to have her “oosh”. My kid is a shoe freak. A real blonde Imelda Marcos.

So we went to Best Buy to return a USB wireless adapter and to just walk around the store. We browsed the DVDs. When we got to the kid DVD section, Maly saw an Elmo DVD and excitedly announced, “Malmo! MALMO!!” I quickly pointed out to her that the Godfather trilogy was on sale. She wasn’t very interested.

After Best Buy we went to Toys ‘R’ Us. We perused the store for an hour and made out with a plush rocking horse and some Sesame Street bathtub finger paint.

After Toys ‘R’ Us we hit Wal*Mart for some deodorant, AA batteries and antacids. While Maly did that, I got myself some water balloons and bubble gum. Before we left, I found a cute little pink Texas Longhorns jersey.

We left Wal*Mart and had a quiet dinner together at Burger King. Before I knew it, it was 6:15. We needed to haul butt home to catch the UT vs. TCU game. We got home in time to find that the A&M vs. Fresno State game was in triple overtime. So we had some time to kill. I put Maly in her new jersey and watched her play with her new horse, Silver.

I love having a little daughter. It’s days like today that make me very, very thankful. It’s days like today that make me proud to be the daddy of a little girl that can bring so many smiles to so many faces. It’s days like today that make me realize that what’s really important in life is often overlooked.

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