OS X apps from the newbie

I’ve had my iBook for a little over year now and thought I would publish my short list of free OS X applications that I use regularly and that have made my “switch” to a Mac a little bit easier.

In no particular order:

Quicksilver – because it’s so much easier to hit a set of key commands to search and open apps than to move the cursor six inches to the dock.

iPhoto Diet – because I love iPhoto but hate the fact that I can’t just browse the contents of my digital camera to delete images that have already been downloaded.

ImageWell – because it makes uploading photos for the website simple.

WhatSize – because I like to know what’s hogging the hard drive.

MacStumbler – because sometimes I need to borrow someone else’s WiFi.

NetNewsWire Lite – because it’s a great little news aggregator. And it’s the free version. I’m cheap like that.

iBackup – because it’s simple and now that I use a Mac exclusively, I’ve made it a habit to backup data on the first of each month.

iProduct – because it works.

Screenshot Plus – because it makes taking screenshots simple.

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