Josh cooks for the girls

Tejashri, Jenny, Christine, Tonja, Cyndi, Michelle and Elise had a girls’ night in at our house last night. Last month Christine, Kim and Elise decided that the girls needed to maintain regular get-togethers once a month. Christine and Cyndi decided on the name: Third Thursday Thenoritas. One of them has a speech impediment.

For the first girls’ night out I was volunteered to do a cooking demonstration. This was the menu I prepared:

    MexiCoffee Rubbed Smoked Pork Tenderloin Medallions topped with a Grilled Corn and Chardonnay Cream Aioli

    Grilled Asparagus Fence with a Butter & Balsamic Reduction

    Smashed Mashers

    Café Amoré Crème Brûlée

Thankfully the girls were chumming it up most of the evening so I wasn’t on the spot all night. Unfortunately the meal didn’t go as well as I wanted. The pork was too done, I didn’t like the asparagus, my first corn chardonnay sauce congealed and I put too much beer in the potatoes which didn’t leave room for cream.

MexiCoffee pork loin

I think the girls liked the food. I wasn’t happy with the meal but all of the estrogen floating about the house kept my spirits up and eventually made my boobs tender.

It’s hard to cook a good meal for more than a handful of people. Next time I’ll definitely need a sous chef. Elise helped me as best she could but I hadn’t organized myself enough to account for help. I was expecting to do everything on my own and realized that I needed help only after it was too late.

The crème brûlée was well received. It was actually refered to as “orgasmic” – it’s hard not to blush when you’re the only guy in a dining room full of women and that word is used.

So… I’m glad the girls had fun. I tried to join their group for next month’s outing but was quickly denied. So I’m going to start organizing another Godfather Club meeting. First on the agenda is to see if Alexandra will come over and show us how to make crème brûlée.

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  1. Josh – you are TOO HARD on yourself. The meal was fantastic. John and I enjoyed leftovers today. Thanks again!

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