Five years later

This is too funny. I wrote this five years ago for my multimedia class project, complete with a bad website.

It makes me wonder what I’ll be up to five years from now…

    “Welcome to my online recipe archive (A.K.A. Famine Protection Program). I’d like to begin by telling you that I am by no means a “professional” chef. Most of my techniques are, unless otherwise noted, a product of my own experimenting. Most recipes within these pages will call for ingredients and temperatures that were not documented in their infantile phases. Therefore, I am leaving it up to you to use this archive as somewhat of a template … to expand upon, and create your own “signature” dishes.

    Allow myself to talk about …. myself. I was born at a very early age and raised by a family who enjoyed hearty steaks cooked on the cast iron barbeque pit in the backyard. I consider both of my parents excellent cooks. My father introduced me to hunting when I was but a

    wee lad, and with that he taught me the basics on how to prepare meat. My mother was more of the kitchen expert. Both of them educated me on how to essentially make a meal for myself. With these combined influences, I later in life rather enjoyed cooking for myself.

    During my 6 year tenure at the university, I landed a job at a country club. Here I was exposed to finer foods. This is when my interest in the culinary arts began to peak. Though I was but a mere staff manager for the banquet department, I took advantage of all the knowledge I could get my hands on. So please, browse around, try these recipes for yourself, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

    In closing, I would like to give thanks to El and Ronnie for their input and inspiration. Without them, I would have probably devoted this page to methods in which to fully cook a DiGiorno pizza (which is next to impossible). “

I think this is the best part: “…will call for ingredients and temperatures that were not documented…” That’s the way I like to cook.

My herbs section is not me nowadays, although I do use cilantro as much as possible.

It’s really cool to look back and think about how hard I was trying back then – how many meals I botched, how much blood poured into the sink from a slipped knife, stovetop fires, singed arm hair, grease burns and broken plates.

Cooking is so much fun. If it didn’t cost so much to go to culinary arts school, I’d do it in a heartbeat just for the fun of it.

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