Cleatus has a dream

I had another weird dream this morning. Jessica Sanchez, a 4.5′, 90lb. girl I attended high school with stole my cell phone. I grabbed her by the hair, lifted her off her feet, swung her around and dragged her across the ground.

All of this is happening outside. The scene reminds me of a more airy version of my elementary school in Houston.

“What the hell did you do with my cell phone you &$%#$%? What’s wrong with you?!?!”

Then we cut to the next scene were Mrs. Housely, my 7th grade history teacher is trying to reprimand me for my actions. We’re sitting outside on some sort of deck in plastic grade school chairs. I couldn’t hear what Mrs. Housely was saying because we both had garbage disposals mounted under our chairs that were running on full blast.

I’m quickly distracted by a Camaro in the distance. Michelle is driving and Elise is in the passenger seat. They’re both wearing yellow bikinis and cruising around the trailer park across the street.

How ’bout that for white trash dream? Git-r-done.

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