Drop Dead Sexy

I heard something about the Austin Film Festival on the radio recently and got to thinking: “I wonder if that movie Elise catered is going to be showcased”.

I checked the IMDB and came up with this. Elise remembers talking with Charles Acosta a few times. I think I might have met him as well. That week was such a blur for the both of us.

Anyway – Elise and I are both curious and excited to see if Drop Dead Sexy is going to screened this week. Elise’s name is supposed to be in the credits… that’d be cool.

Update: Elise’s name is in the credits. Here is my review of Drop Dead Sexy.

Wireless network

I setup an 802.11g wireless network at my parents’ house over the weekend. I did this so I could get online with my iBook. After I logged into my Mom’s router, I got to thinking: “I wonder how secure my wireless network is at home”.

We got home this evening and I tried logging into my router. I couldn’t. I forgot my password. After many tries, I was able to login. By default, my wireless network wasn’t password protected. Luckily I hadn’t shared any drives on my XP machine prior to last Thursday. That computer was off over the weekend which would have left any prying parties access to my network for approximately 24 hours. Since no drives had been shared since I bought the router in November, I’m not worried that any neighbors had gained access to my network last Friday. I have 2 other wireless networks that are available (if I had their passwords)…

So now everything is all safe and secure.

Can you hear me now?

At Mom and Dads… I hooked up Mom’s D-Link 802.11G wireless router – the iBook picked up the signal without me having to do anything. Connecting the router to Mom’s DSL modem was the hard part. Once I was connected, I handed the iBook to Mom – dumb move… now I’m going to have to buy her one for the next holiday/birthday.

Stern going Sirius and my investment

I just bought shares in Sirius because I heard this live on the radio on the way to work this morning. I’ve never really been a Stern fan, but I know in the past 20 years he’s had his way with the airwaves and has made a killing. Now he’s aiming at satellite because the FCC has turned him into a puppet in recent years.

I probably won’t ever buy into satellite but feel confident in this investment gamble.

I logged into my work computer via GoToMyPC.com and uploaded files for a sales presentation slotted for 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. I ‘worked’ and puchased shares all from the comfort of my couch (while watching the Godfather on SpikeTV). My wife got me a pretty cool anniversary present. And, I don’t have to worry about this stuff anymore (hopefully).

Wireless mouse, late buying a laptop

This past weekend consisted of me working and looking for a wireless mouse for the iBook. I drove back to Austin from work on Saturday and immediately went to CompUSA. I bought a Targus Bluetooth mouse that I found out only works on Windows. On Sunday I went back to CompUSA, returned the bluetooth mouse and settled on a Kensington Pocket Mouse Pro (that I’m still not happy with).

Elise worked all weekend.

Monday came too soon. John and Christine came over Monday night – I fried chicken legs and thighs. John gave me software for the iBook.

Hmmmm… what else… As I type this, I’m sitting in bed watching Conan on NBC, waiting for Good Charlotte to play.

I should’ve bought a laptop a long time ago.

Working on a Saturday

This sucks. It’s Saturday. I’m at work (alone) and have a lot of work yet to do. It’s rainy and gloomy outside.

Dinner at Hudson’s, John’s new job, work kills, iBook’s cool

Last night’s dinner at Hudson’s was excellent. We arrived at the restaurant at 8 p.m. We were greeted by the host who immediately apologized for the cancellation of my cooking class and was quick to escort us to our table on the patio.

We both ordered a glass of wine and opted for the Diamond Back Rattlesnake Cakes
in a Pistachio Nut crust coiled atop a spicy Chipotle Cream per the recommendation of John and Christine.

For dinner, I had the Hudson’s Famous Mixed Grill: Axis Venison and Rabbit Tenders, Pecan Smoke Haus Quail in a Lime Cilantro Ginger Glaze with Chuy’s spicy Game Sausage and Achiote marinated Buffalo all served with a trio of Hudson’s Signature Sauces. I really wanted to try this entree the last time we ate at Hudson’s, but the price tag was a little high for me. This meal was comped, so I figured “What the hell?”

Elise had the Venison chops layered with fresh Maine Lobster served atop Guava Sour Cherry Sauce. This is a slight variation of an older menu item that consisted of a venison tenderloin with the same sauce and sides. Elise was quick to point out that this meal was a lot less gamey and much tastier than the game that I cook. I cried. I stormed out into traffic and threw my hands to the sky and asked the heavens: “Why?!?!?!?”

Since our meal was comped, we received ‘comped’ service – which is sub-par. We had no complaints though. We received ~$120 worth of food for free. (I’m regretting having not ordered the fois gras)

After dinner, Elise went to the restroom. While she gone, I witnessed an explosion 200 yards from where I was sitting. I giant ball of electric blue set off low in the sky. A transformer box on a telephone pole blew on HWY 620 just north of the restaurant. The lights went out all around. I got up from our table and went into the restaurant to find Elise. She came out of the restroom shortly after. We made small talk with a couple old ladies that were sitting in the foyer.

We went home. Before actually getting home, Elise remembered that she left her doggy bag at the restaurant. Ordinarily I would have hauled ass back to the restaurant, but we didn’t – we were both tired.

Work was rough today. I’m playing manager 90% of the time and the other 10% is dedicated to production. I need that ratio to be an even split. I’m so behind at work. So behind that I’m going to have to spend most of the weekend there.

In other news:

John landed a new job. Congrats, bro!

I’m really enjoying my new iBook. I sit on my ass all night on the couch and send e-mails/surf. I recently received a gift card from CompUSA, so I took that in after work and bought a Targus BlackTop notebook case.