Wireless network

I setup an 802.11g wireless network at my parents’ house over the weekend. I did this so I could get online with my iBook. After I logged into my Mom’s router, I got to thinking: “I wonder how secure my wireless network is at home”.

We got home this evening and I tried logging into my router. I couldn’t. I forgot my password. After many tries, I was able to login. By default, my wireless network wasn’t password protected. Luckily I hadn’t shared any drives on my XP machine prior to last Thursday. That computer was off over the weekend which would have left any prying parties access to my network for approximately 24 hours. Since no drives had been shared since I bought the router in November, I’m not worried that any neighbors had gained access to my network last Friday. I have 2 other wireless networks that are available (if I had their passwords)…

So now everything is all safe and secure.

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