Dinner at Hudson’s, John’s new job, work kills, iBook’s cool

Last night’s dinner at Hudson’s was excellent. We arrived at the restaurant at 8 p.m. We were greeted by the host who immediately apologized for the cancellation of my cooking class and was quick to escort us to our table on the patio.

We both ordered a glass of wine and opted for the Diamond Back Rattlesnake Cakes
in a Pistachio Nut crust coiled atop a spicy Chipotle Cream per the recommendation of John and Christine.

For dinner, I had the Hudson’s Famous Mixed Grill: Axis Venison and Rabbit Tenders, Pecan Smoke Haus Quail in a Lime Cilantro Ginger Glaze with Chuy’s spicy Game Sausage and Achiote marinated Buffalo all served with a trio of Hudson’s Signature Sauces. I really wanted to try this entree the last time we ate at Hudson’s, but the price tag was a little high for me. This meal was comped, so I figured “What the hell?”

Elise had the Venison chops layered with fresh Maine Lobster served atop Guava Sour Cherry Sauce. This is a slight variation of an older menu item that consisted of a venison tenderloin with the same sauce and sides. Elise was quick to point out that this meal was a lot less gamey and much tastier than the game that I cook. I cried. I stormed out into traffic and threw my hands to the sky and asked the heavens: “Why?!?!?!?”

Since our meal was comped, we received ‘comped’ service – which is sub-par. We had no complaints though. We received ~$120 worth of food for free. (I’m regretting having not ordered the fois gras)

After dinner, Elise went to the restroom. While she gone, I witnessed an explosion 200 yards from where I was sitting. I giant ball of electric blue set off low in the sky. A transformer box on a telephone pole blew on HWY 620 just north of the restaurant. The lights went out all around. I got up from our table and went into the restaurant to find Elise. She came out of the restroom shortly after. We made small talk with a couple old ladies that were sitting in the foyer.

We went home. Before actually getting home, Elise remembered that she left her doggy bag at the restaurant. Ordinarily I would have hauled ass back to the restaurant, but we didn’t – we were both tired.

Work was rough today. I’m playing manager 90% of the time and the other 10% is dedicated to production. I need that ratio to be an even split. I’m so behind at work. So behind that I’m going to have to spend most of the weekend there.

In other news:

John landed a new job. Congrats, bro!

I’m really enjoying my new iBook. I sit on my ass all night on the couch and send e-mails/surf. I recently received a gift card from CompUSA, so I took that in after work and bought a Targus BlackTop notebook case.

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