Bad host

Mom and Dad left on Sunday evening after I we ate heaping plates of country ribs, sauteed pototoes and pinto beans. Mom made (and left half of) another awesome dewberry cobbler.

So far this week has been an extension of the crappy last one. The thorn in my side is the company’s website hosting company. Sparing the details, said company avoids phone calls after having crippled our client websites last Thursday. This makes me look bad to our customers. I spent the morning in Austin meeting with another host that I’m impressed with. So, we’re moving our company site as well as all of our client websites. That’s going to make for a ton of work for me. Peace of mind is worth it though.

Elise has been handling the procurement of the Expedition. She’s at Goodwill right now, getting our Halloween costumes. She’s going as Carrie. I’m going as Michael Meyers.

While Elise is doing everything, I’m going to catch up on my TV viewing. I’m going to try to squeeze in last week’s The Apprentice and ER, then Fahrenheit 9/11.

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