Second star

I tested for the second star for my black belt this morning. My stomach still hurts from all the nervous activity in my gutty wut. I messed up one of my patterns but was able to cover it up pretty well. I’m half way to getting my second degree.

Mom and Dad were cozy in the house when I got home from work last night. We went to Green Mesquite in Oak Hill for dinner. The ‘rents both had the sliced brisket plate. I opted for a burger. I tried Mom’s brisket – very lean, moist and cut thick. Green Mesquite’s BBQ sauce isn’t very good. When and if I go there for brisket, I’ll bring a bottle of Rudy’s BBQ sause. We drove the Expedition. Before I backed it out of the driveway I had decided I wanted to buy it.

After my test this morning, we drove home and Dad and I tried to fix the damage that was done to the truck by the deer incident. We weren’t able to get the bumper off in order to straighten it, but we did manage to fix the locking mechanism for the hood. It’s a rigged job sans the duct tape, but it works. Luckily the deer left only cosmetic damage. After I get the X (and most likely a grill guard) I’ll be able to bring the deer home instead of it leaving a dent and running off. Of course, I’ll need to field dress the deer on the side of the road first.

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