Apple retail expedition and Ford Expedition

I’ve been iPodless for almost a week now. I called Apple last week. I finally got the box via DHL this morning. In the meantime, I had decided to take the iPod to the Apple store. After standing near the Genius Bar for almost an hour, my iPod was fixed by an employee who, after congratulating me on my iBook anniversary present, shook my hand, told me to have a nice day and to call him if I needed further help. I was upset that it took a while for someone to help me, but I can’t remember the last time I went to a retail electronics store where someone helped me from the time I entered the store until the time I left.

In other news – Elise spent most of the weekend at my parents’ house. My parents have a friend’s Ford Expedition for sale on their property (plain view from the highway). Elise called me on her way home Sunday and told me all about the truck. I immediately said no. After talking about it for a day now, we’re thinking about buying it assuming I get someone to buy my little truck. I’m easy to sell to.

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