45 mile commute to work??!?

Sometimes I think life is just out to get me. Early last week I had a weird dream about work. The next day my boss ‘moved on’. Two days after that, I bought a truck so I could keep dry when it rains and haul various things (i.e. building a deck). Four days later I find out my job (as well as everyone else’s) has moved to Marble Falls. That’s a 90 mile round trip from where I live.

The employees of the Austin office drove to Marble Falls yesterday for what we thought was a meeting. We were told that the company is consolidating in Marble Falls and got to see our new office. It’s a pretty drive and it is a pretty town, but still, 90 miles? I still haven’t been able to pick my jaw up from off the ground. I guess I’ll just have to see how things go.

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