Change at work, another dead bird, bought a truck

A lot has happened this week. It all started with a shocking dose of clairvoyance. I think my dream about work had an underlying meaning. There was a “change in management” late Tuesday which has left me with more responsibilities and an undying knot in my stomach.

I came home late that evening to watch the Lakers beat the Spurs to tie the series 2-2 in the Western Conference Semifinals. For second-stage entertainment, Annie brought another bird into the house and killed it behind the TV armoire. And again, Riley swaggered by for investigation.

After nearly four years of riding a motorcycle, I finally bought a truck. It’s nothing fancy, but it’ll keep me dry on rainy days and will be good for hauling things that only a 1993 4-cylinder Toyota pickup can haul: large quantities of cotton and rice cakes.

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