Man enough to shoot the worm?

So I’m riding my (errr… John’s) bicycle to work this morning – I get to the top of the first incline on my street to where I can stop peddling and coast downhill for a bit. As I’m doing this, I open my mouth to take in some more fresh air as I’ve already started to get a workout and my body craves more oxygen and Expedition exhaust. I pass under a group of oak trees when phhhlump – a worm lands right on the back of my tongue and almost down the ol’ food tube.

I have done a little research and determined that my morning gag and near-epileptic fit was due to none other than Paleacrita vernata. Yes, it was the infamous Cankerworm. Have you ever just sat there and pondered the origin of Canker sores? Well, you can rest now. Canker sores come from kiss happy suburban bicyclists who involuntarily eat worms that dangle from oak trees on silk threads.

Click here to learn more about Cankerworms and other delectable Springtime provisions.

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