Easter weekend & finished the guest bathroom

This past Friday Elise and I had a group of old friends over for burgers and beer. Since the weather was so nice, we spent most of the evening out on our gigantic 8′ x 9′ patio.

Elise and I went to Home Depot (bad) on Saturday to buy a mirror for the finishing touches on our guest bathroom. We were in the HoPot for approximately thirty minutes. When we left, the temperature had dropped a couple hundred degrees and it was raining. We drove through the artic rain that is normal during mid-April in Austin to Our Glass and had Nick custom cut our mirror.

We then went to Bed Bath & Beyond to find a butter dish, a kosher salt container and a rug for the guest bath. We came home and finished our bathroom project. Elise and I took an old chicken coup window from Grandma B.’s farm, sawed out the center support, dry brushed it a rust color and turned it into a mirror.

Before and after.

Elise went to church on Sunday morning. I stayed in and cut a large chicken into four smaller pieces, marinated said pieces with homemade barbecue sauce and slow cooked them on the pit. I made cole slaw, Coors and chipotle mashed potatoes and pork and beans. Tommy came over later that afternoon for dinner and to hang out.

We then flopped down on the couch and watched the Matrix Revolutions before going to bed.

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