Pork tenderloin, crowns, garage repair, sidewalking

I grilled a pork tenderloin with a chipotle corn cream sauce (better than the Y Bar & Grille), grilled rosemary potatoes and sugar snap peas on Monday
night while Elise watched the Ms. U.S.A. pageant.

I sat in the dentist’s chair for 2.5 hours on Tuesday while Dr. Cox sawed out my old grill and fitted me for two new front crowns. That was a painstaking ordeal. If you ever find yourself in Austin during a freeze in 1996, do yourself a favor and don’t fall face first onto concrete. My dentist is a cool guy (and a neighbor I recently found out) as is his staff. One of his hygienist sings while she cleans your teeth and Anne, his assistant gave me a jaw massage while Dr. Cox was cutting out my old crowns because my mouth had been open for nearly two hours.

Needless to say, I was in pain for the rest of Tuesday. I drove up north to Fry’s and picked up a new motherboard and 2.8GHz Pentium 4 processor
that were on sale. 700MHz to 2.8GHz should make for a nice change of pace. I then drove over to Tommy’s to drop off a CD before heading home to
see if the garage door had actually been repaired…

Our garage door hasn’t worked correctly since we moved into our house. It would open halfway and then stop. We’d have to click the remote button again for the door to either go up or go down (depending on its mood). I found a coupon for Gordon’s Overhead Doors in our mailbox one afternoon and decided to call. A young lad came out to my house and worked on the door. That worked for a couple weeks and then the same half opening/half closing started again. I called Gordon’s Overhead Doors again and asked to have someone come out. Someone was scheduled to come out that Wednesday night. Nobody showed. I called on Thursday morning and told Aaron (the owner) that nobody came over to fix my garage door. He scheduled someone to come out the following Monday. Monday rolls around and nobody showed. Now I’m pissed and want my money back. I called Aaron from work and gave him an earful. I was told that one of his repairmen had told him that he came to my house and fixed the door. This obviously didn’t happen and I later found out that this guy was fired because of this incident. Someone was scheduled to come to my house this past Monday evening. Guess what? Nobody shows! I called Aaron and was about to jump through the phone and strangle him. It’s bad enough that I was stood up three times, but Aaron would always say “God bless you, sir” and “this is a Christian-based company” on top putting me on hold numerous times to the point that I’d have to hang up and call back and giving me
conflicting schedule times. Each time I would call and tell Aaron that a repairman didn’t show up, he would say “it says here that so-and-so was scheduled to be at your house [confirms address] between 7 and 9 p.m. last night” when I was originally told between 5 and 7.

Anyway, two repairmen from Gordon’s Overhead Doors showed up on Tuesday. The garage door works for now but I won’t call Gordon’s Overhead Doors for any new service nor will I recommend them to anyone else.

Yesterday afternoon I rode the bicycle home from work, trying my damnedest to keep my mouth shut. After around the 7.5 mile mark I started getting tired. I was almost to my street but needed to take a little break. I hopped off the bike and started walking with the iPod still blaring when I heard someone yell: “Helllloooooooooooooo…” I turned and saw an almost middle-aged woman and her parents on bicycles behind me, waiting for me to move so they could go by. I pulled one of the earbuds from my ear and said “Excuse me.” She peddled slowly ahead of me. I could have swore I heard her mumble something to the effect of “you shouldn’t be doing that on the sidewalk.”

A few minutes later I confirmed in my own mind what she said and mustered the late rebuttal “What? Walking on the sidewalk?” It was one of those “Oh yeah… well the jerk store called and…

This week has been stressful.

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