Packing, triathlon and cell phones

Elise and I started packing over the weekend. Moving is a good excuse to throw crap away. We close on our new house at 4 p.m. on Wednesday. We’ll probably start moving some stuff over that night, then continue on Thursday evening. My parents are coming up this weekend to help move the big stuff.

I’m supposed to be packing right now. I’m procrastinating by catching up on correspondences and posting on the website how I’m supposed to be packing. I’m having a hard time determining what can be packed and what will be needed for the rest of this week.

Elise and the girls are on their first day of training for the Austin Danskin Triathlon. Yes, Elise is going to compete in a triathlon. I’m very proud of her for making this commitment. I’m proud of all of the other girls on the team as well. Come game day, husbands and boyfriends will unite, beers and Buffalo wings in hand, to cheer on our girls.

John and I played manly men yesterday by shopping for cell phones and showing each other our… houses. I finally got to see John’s house during the day and John finally got to see the outside of my house. Yesterday was the first time I had driven by our new house in weeks. There was a SOLD sign in the front yard. That made me feel good.

Phone shopping wasn’t fruitful. The phone John wants isn’t in stock anywhere. I decided that we’ll probably just stick with SprintPCS despite them pissing me off last week. Well, they pissed me off again yesterday. I want a new phone. I found a phone that I liked and was ready to make my purchase. I decided to do this because I knew we were going to have to sign a new contract anyway, so we might as well get a new phone. Existing Sprint customers don’t really get a break. The phone I want costs around $300. After instant rebates, a new customer would only pay $79.99. Existing customers only get a $100 discount. How’s that for customer retention? Cell phone/service shopping isn’t fun. I’m going to hold off for a while.

I really need to pack.

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