My 28th Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. John, Christine, Elise and I went to Sushi Saké for dinner. The eel was really good. I’m eeled out for the year. We split an order of Dragon, Kyoto and Spicy Susan (or as Christine calls it: Lazy-Eyed Susan. Or as Elise calls it: Chunky Dunk in the Fatty Tuna). All were rolls; the Dragon was tempura-fried shrimp rolled in rice and topped with eel. The Kyoto was crab and shrimp rolled in rice and topped with raw salmon and avocado. The Spicy Susan was… I don’t remember – I think it was raw tuna but the sauce is what made it – a mayonnaise and Thai-spiced sauce that was worth double dipping.

John and Christine gave Elise and me a gift certificate to John’s aunt’s frame store in Houston. That was a double birthday present (Elise’s is Feb. 9) and housewarming gift. Elise gave me the Cooking Fearlessly cookbook from Hudson’s on the Bend and a gift certificate for a cooking class at Chef Jeff Blank’s house!!! I’ve decided that I’m going to create a menu based on recipes from my new cookbook and entertain one night once we’re settled into the house.

Speaking of house, we close tomorrow at 4 p.m.! Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re getting the keys until Thursday.

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