First TKD test in ten years

I nervously woke up on Saturday morning followed my standard morning ritual of showering, etc. I took Elise to work at 9 a.m. and then went to the TKD school to test for the first time in almost ten years! Everything went smoothly. Steve, Cindy (couple in my class) and Clyde (instructor) all said that I did well. I’d forgotten how exhausting performing in front of an audience can be. Midway through my first pattern, I remembered that I needed to breathe.

Four patterns later, I was spent. Not that doing patterns is that physically exhausting, but couple that with being nervous and you’ve got yourself a nice pair of spaghetti legs. Now I have to spar a seventeen year old who reminded me of myself 11 years ago. Again, exhausting. I wish this kid would come to the adult class so he can beat up on me and make me better. You never learn by winning [in a fight].

Anyway, I now have a star glued to my black belt. Three more to go and I’ll test for my second degree.

On my way home I stopped at the corner of Southwest Parkway and 71 and bought a huge rustic “metal art” star to hang on our new mantle. Elise and I fancy that sort of home decor and I figured it would commemorate the star on my black belt.

I took the Jeep to have the oil, rear differential and transmission fluids changed. I also changed the wiper blades on the Jeep and changed the oil in the trusty Shadow.

I picked Elise up from a party she was catering off of Balcones and then we drove out to the Bat Cave to see the Ice Bats get beat by the Lubbock Cotton Kings 6-3.

We went grocery shopping yesterday and watch two boring football games. I was looking forward to watching the Superbowl in our new house on February 1. I don’t like the Patriots or the Panthers so I guess I’ll just make sure to tune in for the commercials.

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