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I’ve been hearing that iTunes for Windows is crashing machines running Windows 2000 Professional. This happened to a friend of mine today. We work together and both use Win2000. I downloaded iTunes the minute it was released a couple weeks ago. It installed fine for me and has worked great since. Great so much that with the recent purchase of an iPod, my recent PC problems, seeing Panther in action, an AirPort bribe from John and using iTunes, I’ve decided to save my money and purchase an iBook.

So my friend’s PC wouldn’t boot after installing iTunes. A trip over to a few forums and Apple’s website gave me this:


A computer with Windows 2000 does not start up after installing iTunes for Windows.

Products affected

Windows 2000
iTunes for Windows 4.1


Start up the computer while holding down the F8 key.

From the Windows 2000 Advanced Options menu, choose Last Known Good Configuration.

Press Enter. If other screens appear, press Enter until Windows continues to start up.

Download and install iTunes for Windows version 4.1.1 from the iTunes download page (

Restart the computer when prompted to do so.

That solution didn’t work for me. I’m not guaranteeing what I did will work for you, but this is the method that got Mickey’s computer back up and running:

Start up the computer and wait until you’re prompted to press F8, then do so. I tried holding down F8 while the computer booted and I received a keyboard error and then the computer froze.

From the Windows 2000 Advanced Options menu, choose Safe Mode (not with networking or command prompt).

Press Enter. If other screens appear, press Enter until Windows continues to start up.

Go eat a sandwich. Really. After numerous tries and resorting to cold boots, I finally let the computer hang while I went to my desk and ate a sandwich. After being hung on the blue Windows logo boot screen for approximately five minutes, it finally loaded windows.

Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

Download and install iTunes for Windows version 4.1.1 from the iTunes download page (

Restart the computer when prompted to do so.

Mickey’s computer is back to normal after an hour of trying to boot in Safe Mode. I don’t know why iTunes works on my Windows 2000 machine. I’m glad it does though.

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  1. Im having the same problem after installing itunes on win2000. I cant even access safe mode. I need help on this. Thanks

  2. I installed itunes on my Windows 2000 professional machine and it caused the system to crash as described above. The only difference being NOTHING I tried would make it boot again – even in safe mode it just hung AND I just left it hanging over my lunch break too. In the end I had to format the hard drive from floppies and reinstall the OS – ouch! Fortunately, I had backed up all the data the previous day, so only that day’s data was lost, but it still took me most of the day to reload all the programs. You’d think Apple would have sorted this bug out before unleashing the software on an unsuspecting public – after all lots of people still run Win 2K professional.

    Anyone know of a good alternative program that will play the files on Windows 2000? I’d rather not risk itunes again.

  3. I am not able to install iTunes on WIndows 2000 Professional….. the software does not respond….need help .
    Thank you

  4. I tried installing iTunes on my Windows 2k Pro. Ir said the disk is locked or there is not write permission.

    any help?

    novice D.

  5. I am having the same problem. Bought i pod. Installed i tunes 7.02, Win 2000 Sp 4. Would not boot up on restart. Would not go into safe mode either. Had to reinstall OS in place. Reinstalled drivers etc. Then tried it again! Sure enough same again! Returned i pod to store for refund!!

    This is the sys requirements for Win 2000 ie “Sp 4 or later” You would have thought they would have sorted this by now. It seems this issue has been known by Apple for three years.

  6. I Installed Itunes with Quicktime Package from apple website. Everything went fine even the installation. But when i tried to run itunes a error comes up saying that a a error has occoured and that it is being written to a error log and to restart your computer and run it again. But when i do restart and run itunes again the same error comes up and the same thing happened. I reinstalled itunes after formating hard drive when the same error occoured at the start up of Win 2000 professional with the explorer.exe. But it doesn’t work. Is there a solution to this. I have tried finding the error log but don’t know which file it is.

    Any help ????

  7. Installed iTunes on Pro 2000 because I was given an iPod as a gift. Tried everything. Now the Apple website is saying only Vista and Xp systems…that really sucks. I am not spending a cent to upgrade to xp. I bet thousands of potential users are in for a nasty surprise when they buy ipod…I downloaded the 7.4.2 just to see if it might work…says I have the wrong operating system.. no more apple junk for me. I’ll find another mp.3 player and give my iPod to someone who has the latest op system. Not worth my time or effort to get it to work. Ever feel like Apple and Microsoft are too big to care? …then give billions in computers to third world countries so they can be hooked too….thanks Gates and Jobs….

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